Relieving Dentist Anxiety

Anxiety is a big deal, especially if you’re dealing with it around going to dental appointments. How can you make things go more easily when you get a tooth filling paramount? Can you really reduce the anxiety that you feel and experience as a result of going to the dentist? Here are a few tips that you can try for yourself if you’re looking to relieve your anxiety when you go to the dentist.

Become Familiar With the Location

Do you know the location? Visit it if you’ve never been there before, so you can know it. It can also help if you arrive to the dentist a little bit early, so you can settle in and get used to the atmosphere (unless the waiting room is not built in a manner that helps with your anxiety). 

Find a Dentist that Offers Coping Mechanisms

Some dentists have been trained in “gentle dentistry” and other techniques to help lessen anxiety. Dentists know that you likely feel quite nervous about your appointment, so they put the time and effort in so that you can feel more comfortable.

Listen to Music During Your Appointment

If your dentist doesn’t have music (or you aren’t super fond of their choices), you can always listen to your own music during the appointment. Find a good set of ear buds and, after you’ve discussed your procedure and everything with your dentist, stick them into your ears and listen to some of your favorite tunes. Be sure that any wires are out of the way or, if you can, get a pair of wireless ear buds.

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Look at your options and be proactive. In the long run, you’ll have a lot of options and you can be sure to actually feel okay about going to the dentist.