Prepare Your Backyard For A Tick-Free Season

The beloved backyard of your house, where your kids play softball, and your dog plays fetch, can be the biggest breeding ground for ticks.

If things get too out of your hands, you can always contact professional residential tick control wilmington services to handle the situation. But ’til then, there are a few things you can follow to keep ticks away from your backyard.

1.  Clean Out Debris And Leaf Litters

Dark, shady, and moist areas are like paradise to ticks. Most backyards tend to have gathered leaves or heaps of debris in one corner that have not been cleared in ages. Ticks thrive in such places.

2.  Keep The Grasses Short And Crisp

Too long grasses in your backyard can encourage tick growth as well. Mow your lawn and backyard on a regular basis and just keep the grasses short in general to prevent tick infestation.

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Clear our grass growth from under decks, raised patios, fences, and brick walls as well. These zones can be a fun playground for ticks.

3.  Choose Plants Wisely

If you have a garden in your backyard and if you live closer to forest areas, then choose the plants smartly. You would not want to keep shrubs and bushes, which tend to attract deer. Ticks are very likely to spread from deer, so it is imperative you keep them away.

Your local nurseries should be able to help you pick plants that drive away deer. Also, do not plant the shrubs too close to the fence. Maintain a margin of a few meters.

4.  Check Your Dog For Ticks

There is always a heavy chance that your dog keeps bringing back ticks to your backyard. Check for ticks and fleas after every trip outdoors and frisk your furry friend daily to avoid any risk. You can use tick collars, anti-tick shampoos, or administer oral medication as well.