Rambler's Top100

Англоязычные термины и аббревиатуры промышленной автоматизации

   A/D  Analog-to-Digital
   ABC  Activity Based Costing
   AC  Alternating Current
   ActiveX  Object-Oriented programming language for Internet
   Ada  programming language (named after Ada Lovelace)
   AEC  Architect, Engineer & Constructor Firm
   AEGIS  Abnormal Event Guidance Information System
   AGC  Automatic Guidance Control
   AGV  Automated Guided Vehicle
   AI  Artificial Intelligence
   ALARP  As Low as Reasonably Practicable
   ANSI  American National Standards Institute
   APC  Advanced Process Control
   API  Application Program Interface
   Applet  Small Software Application or Component
   APS  Advanced Planning & Scheduling
   ARPANET  Predecessor to Internet
   AS/RS  Automatic Storage & Retrieval System
   ASIC  Application Specific Integrated Circuit
   ASM  Abnormal Situation Management
   ASN  Advanced Ship Notice
   ASP  Application Service Provider or Average Selling Price
   ATA  American Trucking Association
   ATM  Asynchronous Transfer Mode
   ATP  Available-to-Promise
   B2B  Business-to-Business
   B2C  Business-to-Consumer
   BIOS  Basic Input/Output System
   BISYNCH  Binary Synchronous Communication
   BOL  Bill of Lading
   BOM  Bill of Material
   BOOT  Build, Own, Operate, Transfer
   BPA  Business Process Automation
   BPE  Business Process Engineering
   BPO  Business Process Outsourcing
   BPR  Business Process Reengineering
   C++  Object Oriented Programming Language
   CAD  Computer Aided Design
   CAE  Common Application Environment or Computer Aided Engineering
   CAGR  Compound Annual Growth Rate
   CAM  Computer Aided Manufacturing
   CAN  Controller Area Network
   CapEx  Capital Expenditure
   CASE  Computer Aided Software Engineering
   CBT  Computer-based Training
   CDDI  Copper Distributed Data Interchange
   CDE  Common Desktop Environment
   CD-ROM  Compact Disk, Read Only Memory
   CEMS  Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
   CENELEC  Committйe de European de Normalization Electrotechnique
   CFM  Continuous Flow Manufacturing
   CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
   CIM  Computer Integrated Manufacturing
   C-I-O  Collaboration, Integration, Optimization
   CISC  Complex Instruction Set Computing
   CM&C  Cell Monitoring & Control
   CMMS  Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
   CMOS  Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
   CMS  Carrier Managed Shipment
   CNC  Computer Numerical Control
   COM  Component Object Model
   Component  Software Object containing Data and Method
   CORBA  Common Object Request Broker Architecture
   COSE  Common Open Software Environment
   COTS  Commercial Off-The-Shelf
   CPFR  Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, & Replenishment
   CPG  Consumer Packaged Goods
   CPI  Chemical Process Industry
   CPU  Central Processing Unit
   CRM  Customer Relationship Management
   CRP  Capacity Requirements Planning
   CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
   CSA  Canadian Standards Association
   CSI  Current Source Inverter
   CTP  Capable-to-Promise
   D/A  Digital-to-Analog
   DAS  Data Acquisition System
   DC  Direct Current
   DC  Distribution Center
   DCE  Distributed Computing Environment
   DCOM  Distributed Component Object Model
   DCS  Distributed Control System
   DD  Device Description
   DDE  Dynamic Data Exchange
   DDL  Device Description Language
   DE  Digitally Enhanced
   DIN  Deutsches Institut fЃE Normung
   DLL  Dynamic Link Library
   DNA  Microsoft's Distributed iNternet Architecture
   DP  Differential Pressure
   DRAM  Dynamic Random Access Memory
   DRP  Distribution Resource Planning
   DSD  Direct Store Delivery
   DSP  Digital Signal Processor or Digital Signal Processing
   DTD  Document Type Definition
   DVD  Digital Versatile Disc
   E-Business  Electronic On-line Business
   E-Commerce  Electronic On-line Commerce
   EAI  Enterprise Application Integration
   EAM  Enterprise Asset Management
   EAS  Electronic Article Surveillance
   EC  Electronic Commerce
   ECR  Efficient Consumer Response
   eCRM  Electronic Customer Relationship Management
   EDI  Electronic Data Interchange
   EDM  Electronic Data Management or Electrical Discharge Machine
   eFPM  E-Fulfillment Process Management
   eFS  E-Fulfillment Solutions
   eIS  E-Integration Solutions
   EJB  Enterprise Java Beans
   EL  Electroluminescence
   EMI  Electro Magnetic Interference
   EMS  Energy Management System
   EOS  Economy of Scale
   EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
   EPM  Enterprise Production Management
   ePS  E-Procurement Solutions
   EPS  Enterprise Production System
   ERP  Enterprise Resource Planning
   ESD  Emergency Shut Down System
   EU  European Union
   FA  Factory Automation
   FCS  Field Control System
   FDA  Food & Drug Administration
   FDC  Factory Data Collection
   FDDI  Fiber Distributed Data Interchange
   FF  Fieldbus Foundation
   FIP  Factory Instrumentation Protocol
   FMP  Flexible Manufacturing Plant
   FMS  Factory Management System or Factory Message Specification
   FORTRAN  Programming Language
   FT-IR  Fourier Transform Infrared
   FTC  Federal Trade Commission
   FTP  File Transfer Protocol
   GC  Gas Chromatography
   GEMS  Global Enterprisewide Management System
   GIS  Geographic Information Services
   GLS  Global Logistics Systems
   GMC  General Motion Control
   GMP  Good Manufacturing Practice
   GOSIP  Government Systems Interconnect Protocol
   GPS  Global Positioning System
   GTO  Gate Turn Off Thyristor
   GUI  Graphical User Interface
   HAL  Hardware Abstraction Layer
   HART  Highway Addressable Remote Transducer
   HAZOP  Hazard & Operability
   HDLC  High Level Data Link Control
   HMI  Human Machine Interface
   HP  Horsepower
   HPI  Hydrocarbon Processing Industry
   HTML  HyperText Markup Language
   HTTP  HyperText Transport Protocol (Internet)
   HVAC  Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning
   H/W  Hardware
   I/O   Input/Output
   IA  Industrial Automation
   IC  Integrated Circuit
   IEC  International Electrotechnical Commission
   IEEE  Institute for Electrical & Electronic Engineers
   IGBT  Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
   Intranet  Internet implementation within an enterprise
   IP  Internet Protocol
   IPO  Initial Public Offer
   IR  Infrared
   ISA  International Society for Measurement & Control
   ISO  International Standards Organization
   ISP  InterOperable Systems Project
   ISV  Independent Software Vendor
   IT  Information Technology
   ITRAM  IT & Remote Asset Management
   JAVA  Object-Oriented programming language for Internet
   JCAF  Java Control & Automation Framework
   JEIDA  Japan Electric Industry Development Association
   JEIF  Japan Electrical Industrial Federation
   JEMA  Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
   JEMIMA  Japan Electrical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association
   JISC  Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
   JIT  Just-In-Time
   JVM  Java Virtual Machine
   kHz  Kilo Hertz
   KVA  Kilo Volt Ampere
   KW  Kilowatt
   LAN  Local Area Network
   LCD  Liquid Crystal Display
   LED  Light Emitting Diode
   LES  Logistics Execution System
   LCI  Load Commutated Inverter
   LIFO  Last In, First Out
   LIMS  Laboratory Information Management System
   LSI  Large Scale Integration
   LTL  Less Than Truckload
   mA  Milliamp
   MAS  Main Automation Supplier
   MES  Manufacturing Execution System
   MIB  Management Information Base
   MIS  Management Information System
   MIPS  Millions of Instructions Per Second
   MLC  Multi-Loop Controller
   MMS  Manufacturing Message Specification
   MOSFET  Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
   MOC  Management of Change
   MPS  Master Production Schedule
   MPU  Microprocessor Unit
   MRO  Maintenance, Repair & Operations
   MRP  Manufacturing Resource Planning
   MSDS  Material Safety Data Sheets
   MTBF  Mean Time Between Failure
   MTO  Make to Order
   MVC  Multivariable Predictive Control
   MVS  Machine Vision System
   NAMUR  Normal Ausschultz Fur Messung Und Regelung
   NAFTA  North American Free Trade Association
   NAICS  North American Industry Classification System
   NC  Network Computer (Internet) or Numerical Control
   NEMA  National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association
   NIST  National Institute of Standards and Technology
   NN  Neural Network
   NTE  Microsoft's Windows NT Embedded Operating System
   NTE  National Transportation Exchange
   NURBS  Non-Uniform Rational B Splines
   OA  Office Automation
   OCS  Open Control System
   OCX  OLE Custom Control
   ODBC  Open Database Connectivity
   OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer
   OI  Operator Interface
   OLE  Object Linking and Embedding
   OMAC  Open Modular Architecture Control
   OMG  Object Management Group
   OMS  Order Management System
   OO  Object-oriented (Analysis, Design or Programming)
   OPC  OLE for Process Control
   OS  Operating System
   OSF  Open Software Foundation
   OSHA  Occupational Safety & Health Administration
   OSI  Open Systems Interconnect
   PAM  Plant Asset Management
   PAS  Process Automation System
   PC  Personal Computer
   PCM  Predictive Condition Monitoring
   PCS  Process Control System
   PD  Positive Displacement
   PDM  Project Data Management
   P&ID  Process & Instrumentation Diagram
   PID  Proportional Integral Derivative
   PIM  Plant Information Management
   PIMS  Process Information Management System
   PLC  Programmable Logic Controller
   PM&C  Process Monitoring & Control
   PMD  Programmable Message Display
   POSIX  Portable Operating System Interface
   PPP  Point-to-Point Protocol
   Profibus  Process Fieldbus
   PSI  Pounds per Square Inch
   PSM  Process Safety Management
   PWM  Pulse Width Modulation
   QC  Quality Control
   QR  Quick Response
   RDBMS  Relational Database Management System
   Rep  Independent Representative
   RFDC  Radio Frequency Data Communications/Collection
   RF/ID  Radio Frequency Identification
   RFI  Radio Frequency Interference
   RFP  Request for Proposal
   RFQ  Request for Quote
   RISC  Reduced Instruction Set Computing
   RLL  Relay Ladder Logic
   ROA  Return on Assets
   ROI  Return On Investment
   ROM  Read Only Memory
   RPC  Remote Procedure Call
   RPM  Revolutions Per Minute
   RT  Real-time
   RTD  Resistance Temperature Detector
   RTOS  Real-time Operating System
   RTU  Remote Terminal Unit
   RTX  Real-time Extension
   SAMA  Scientific Apparatus Makers Association
   SCADA  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
   SCE  Supply Chain Execution
   SCM  Supply Chain Management
   SCP  Supply Chain Planning
   SCR  Silicon Controlled Rectifier
   SDLC  Synchronous Data Link Control
   Sercos  Serial Real-time Communication System
   SFA  Sales Force Automation
   SFC  Shop Floor Control or Sequential Function Chart
   SI  Systems Integrator or Systems Integration
   SIC  Standard Industrial Classification
   SIL  Safety Integrity Level
   SIS  Safety Instrumented System
   SIS  Short-Interval-Scheduling
   SKU  Stock Keeping Units
   SLA  Service Level Agreement
   SLC  Single Loop Controller
   SLDC  Single Loop Digital Control
   SLIP  Serial Line IP
   SmallTalk  Object Oriented Programming Language
   SME  Small & Mid-sized Enterprises
   SMP  Symmetrical Multiprocessing
   SMT  Surface Mount Technology
   SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
   SoftLogic  PC-based Logic Control
   SOP  Standard Operation Procedure
   SP50  Standards & Practice Committee No. 50 (ISA)
   SPC  Statistical Process Control
   SQC  Statistical Quality Control
   SQL  Structured Query Language
   SSH  Secure Shell
   SSL  Secure Socket Layer
   S/W  Software
   T/C  Thermocouple
   TBP  Transaction Based Payments
   TCO  Total Cost of Ownership
   TCP/IP  Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
   TCT  Total Cycle Time
   TEAM  Total Enterprise Asset Management
   TIE  Technical Information Exchange
   TL  Truckload
   TMS  Transportation Management System
   TQC  Total Quality Control
   TQM  Total Quality Management
   TUV  Technischer Uberwackungs Verin (Technical Inspection Association)
   TVO  Total Value of Ownership
   UEM  Unified Enterprise Management
   UL  Underwriters Laboratories
   UML  Unified Modeling Language
   UPC  Uniform Product Code
   UPNP  Universal Plug & Play
   URL  Uniform Resource Locator (Internet)
   USB  Universal Serial Bus
   UV  Ultraviolet
   VAN  Value Added Network
   VAR  Value Added Reseller
   VAS  Value Added Services
   VBX  Visual Basic custom control
   VCI  Value Chain Initiative
   VDU  Visual Display Unit
   VFD  Variable Frequency Drive
   VICS  Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standard Committee
   VLSI  Very Large Scale Integration
   VMI  Vendor Managed Inventory
   VoIP  Voice Over Internet Protocol
   VPN  Virtual Private Network
   VSD  Variable Speed Drive
   VVI  Variable Voltage Inverter
   VVVF  Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency
   WAH  Web Application Hosting
   WAN  Wide Area Network
   WIP  Work In Process
   WMS  Warehouse Management System
   WOSA  Windows Open Systems Architecture
   WWW  World Wide Web (Internet)
   XML  eXtensible Markup Language
   Y2K  Year 2000




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